My Worst Day WW2, a tactical 3D action game for PC
Copyright Rune Trollebo
Play this fun game on the Acer Aspire One !The
game My Worst Day WW2 can be played on
various Lap-top PCs, even an Acer Aspire One.
You need to use Windows XP. Then the main
specification of the PC to notice is it's memory, it
needs to have more than 512 Mb RAM, preferable
1024 or more. And you need to use a mouse, not
the pointing devices on the machine. Then of
course the speed of the PC do matter, if you have
a high resolution screen like 1920x1200 then you
need a fast PC with an OK 3D card. But if you
have a screen of 1024x600, like on some of these
nice little net PCs, like the Acer Aspire One, it
manage to run My Worst Day WW2. An Acer
Aspire One, with 1024 Mb RAM, a hard disk and
a mouse can play this game. Many do not think
these small nice PCs not able to run a 3D game,
simply because the press and reviews of these
have agreed that these small machines are not
capable of heavy use. Well, few would use them
for large files in PhotoShop, or any other heavy
application. But the truth is that the little Atom
processor in these machines is more than capable
to run games. Of course not the latest top games,
but what PC manages to run them with all their
bells and whistles? Well, what you can do is to
find some of your older games, and try them on
these small PCs. Most will work. And even this
game will work
I can be contacted at:
Software piracy is theft, using 'My Worst Day WW2' crack, password,  registration codes, serial numbers, key generators
(keygens), warez bitTorrent is illegal and will prevent future development of My Worst Day WW2.
Play this WW2 game on your Acer Aspire One
You should have all the latest drivers and every upgrade of XP, and this World War 2 game will run very
well. So you
can really enjoy your little PC wherever you go.
Most PCs of this type will be able to run this game. Go to the homepage and just download the Demo and
have a try.

So play My Worst Day WW2 on your small PC. It is a game where you play a saboteur on an island in
German occupied Norway during World War 2. It is a free form game, only one large mission, you can
walk all over the island. Your main mission is to destroy two big cannons. You get a few weapons and have
to use stealth and sneak around, shooting enemies at long range. If you should categorize this game you
would probably think about like a realistic simulation, but you would still call it a 3D action shooter game. If
you are into WW2 First Person Shooter games this one should be tried...

If you get problems running the game on your Acer Aspire One or any other small PC, give a word

Homepage of this game
Latest version has real
ballistic and an option to use
tracer bullets, making it
more fun to shoot at long
distances not only with the
Mauser sniper rifle but all
the other weapons!
Did you think it was
impossible to play a 3D
game on your Acer Aspire
One? Are these small PCs
useless for games? Think
again, have fun playing like
a sniper in this fun WW2
Play this 3D game with all it's fun on your little
Acer Aspire One, you need to use a good mouse
Some screenshots from this Word War 2 game.
This World War 2 game can
be played on most of the
laptop and mini PCs as long
as they have at least 1024
Mb RAM, and the resolution
of the screen is not to high.
The Atom processor in the
Acer Aspire One and many
other similar PC are capable
of running this game.
The game use the resolution
of the workbench, so set it
down to 1024x768 (min
800x600) f it is so high that
it gives a sluggish screen.
One of the players of this
WW2 game reported that he
had tried to run it on an
Acer Aspire One, one of the
small Netpads. And it
worked. The current version
is now adjusted to work well
also in the special 1024x600
resolution of these PCs